Graphic patterns, mistakes to avoid & rules to follow

Circles, triangles, diamonds, squares, rectangles, are all ‘Nordic Inspired’ past years graphic patterns. We may like them, because they add rhythm to a room, but they can become oppressive if used too much. Here are tips on how to avoid mistakes and make the most of patterns:

Number 1 – accumulating too many patterns. In decoration, the accumulation of too many things is a beginner’s mistake. If you wish to incorporate many geometrical patterns, there are rules to follow.

  • Triangles and chevron designs go well together,
  • Diamond shape patterns work well with stripes,
  • Don’t mix chevrons with circles, as it overwhelms the space.
  • It’s better to just choose 2 patterns that go together.

Number 2 – Mix fluorescent with pastel colors. Both tones are found in graphic patterns, but at some point you will have to choose between the two. Fluorescent yellow doesn’t go well with pink pastel. If you like both colors, then you will have to compromise.

Number 3 – Bedrooms too can use graphic patterns to accentuate the design, in the shape of linens to give the room a boost, or in a rug on the floor.

Number 4 – Yes, you can also use graphic patterns on walls. In a baby’s room, it’s preferable to have diamonds or small circles in pastel colors. In a teenager’s bedroom, the use of bright triangles or squares on just one wall can give the bedroom a stylish and dynamic feel.

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