Kids bedroom decorating ideas

Using Storage wisely

Vertical storage is a great way of saving space, but does need some thought and planning. If you wish to encourage your child to play without pulling every toy out, and then tidy up afterwards, ensure their most popular toys are at the bottom. The less frequently used toys are placed further up the storage system. This gives your little one easy access to their favorite toys, whilst making it easier for them to tidy up.

Smaller items can be placed in baskets and bins around the room, so as not to get lost in storage boxes.

Lastly, remember to secure the shelves of any storage unit to the wall for safety.

Labeling Your Storage

It is a great idea to label your storage solutions, especially if you want to teach your child how to keep things neat and organized. You can work together to make your own labels, or print some out yourself. Labeling, with either words or a picture, of what every piece of storage, has inside, will help your child when it’s time to tidy up and encourage your little one to ensure their clean room stays clean.

Storage in Other Rooms

Finally, all parents know that it’s unlikely your child will keep their toys in just one room. Sometimes, they like to play in other areas of the house, such as the family room. Make sure in these rooms you have storage bins, in which toys can be placed into once playtime is finished. It then becomes a quick and simple job to take all of the toys back to your child’s room.

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