Sharing a bedroom

The transition from a private bedroom into a shared bedroom can be fairly traumatic for a child, even when you have thoroughly prepared them for the change. Problems may arise as they can feel as though their own private space has been taken away.

By arranging the bedroom in the correct way, however, it’s possible to give each child their own space, which can help resolve conflicts that may arise from sharing.

There are three main areas that we will focus on:

  • The use of color in a shared bedroom – Delimiting the space using your child’s favorite color for their particular wall, furniture, bedding and so on. Ensure your child has involvement in picking their favorite color theme, pictures and decorations.
  • Creating a shared bedroom separation with furniture – Rooms can be divided into two separate spaces just by using furniture. A bookcase or desk creates a natural room divider.
  • Separating workspaces – Some children like to have their own workspace for play and homework, which is why creating their own area is so important. Again, try using furniture that can create this natural separation.

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