How to organize your child’s bedroom

It can seem like a never-ending task, trying to keep a child’s room clean and clutter free. However, knowing the right tips and tricks to organizing your child’s bedroom can make all the difference. Instead of constantly trying to de-clutter and clean, we will look at some of the ways you can maintain the tidiness, whilst also encouraging your child to keep their room neat and tidy.

  • List the clutter – You need to categorize everything in your child’s room before purchasing the right storage solutions. Put everything into piles and create a list of everything that is in the room. Categories may include toys, books, clothes and items that aren’t needed anymore. Get rid of the items you do not need and work out the right storage for the items you do need.
  • Plan your vertical storage – Using vertical storage systems is a great way of saving space in a room, but it does need some planning. Work out which toys your child plays with the most and ensure these are at the bottom; putting the less used items at the top. This will make it easier for your child to tidy away after themselves, too.
  • Labeling storage – By creating fun labels to place on the storage solutions you can make it easier to keep clean and organized. Your child will be much happier putting their toys away when everything has a clear and interesting label on it. Ask your child if they want to help you make the labels!
  • Comfortable spaces – Consider creating a comfy space for your child to sit and play, in order to reduce the amount of toys being spread out all over a room. A rug or bean bag is the perfect place for your child to play in a comfy environment, whilst keeping all of their toys together.

Other rooms – Don’t forget your storage solutions in other rooms of the house your child is likely to play in. Once playtime is over storage boxes in other rooms can be filled with toys, before being put away in the bedroom.

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