Categorizing Clutter

Before you go out and buy a supply of storage boxes, it’s important to make a list of everything in the room first. Sort everything into categories such as

  • books,
  • toys,
  • clothes
  • miscellaneous

You may find some items that aren’t needed anymore, in which case these should be given away or kept in the attic (if keeping for sentimental reasons). It now becomes easy to organize the piles into it’s specific activity, ie

  • board games and puzzles
  • action figures/ dolls
  • soft toys
  • dressing up outfits

as well as it’s frequency of use. This will help you figure out what kind of storage solutions you need and also plan a system.

A good example of a storage system is to divide the room into four areas, incorporating the four corners. Each area is used for a specific children’s activity, such as reading, where the bookcase and beanbag would be situated. It is important to consider how to best utilise the space you have if you wish to use this type of system.

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