Organizing a playroom

In a playroom, it’s important to choose the right furniture. By placing a couple of different colored rugs adjacent to each other on the floor, and using stacked baskets for toys and games, the play area becomes a structured, easy to tidy space. Using pendant lighting ensures lots of light, whilst utilizing very little space.

A playroom for pre-teens and teenagers, will require a completely different approach, as their interests are different. If electronics are high on the teens hobby list, avoid bright wall colors like reds, yellows, fuchsias, oranges etc, as they tire the eyes.  The screens are already doing that job! More preferable would be neutral and soft colors.  Lighting should be softer, aimed at producing an intimate and calming ambience to the room. Table lamps create the perfect effect. Lastly, the seating area, which is vital in the Teens room, should focus on comfort with the teenager sinking into the sofa or the beanbag.

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