Making the transition from a child’s to a teenager’s bedroom

The teenager’s bedroom symbolises the beginning of independence,  along with their social and psychological transition from child to young adult.
In his room, the teenager sleeps a lot, plays (video games) a lot, works a little and has his friends over frequently.

The first step would be to change the wall color. Wallpaper should be kept plain, as Teens tend to change their minds frequently, and strong colors are soon tired of. With plain walls they have the opportunity to decorate, and re-decorate, their rooms with posters or Decals, the essential element in the Teens room.  A point to remember however, would be to avoid white on the walls, as it is flat and shows the dirt. In general, a soft color is calming and a strong one is stimulating.

A teenager’s furniture takes up a lot of room, so to make the bedroom look larger, it’s better to place the biggest pieces of furniture further away from the door, de-clutter the windows and the living space and use sliding doors for the closet. The bed, an important element, is ideally suited against a wall, using cushions so that the bed has dual usage as  a sofa to seat friends. Homework is an important part of the teenager’s life, so a space should be created for that specific task. The best place, if possible, is in front of a window to gain most of the light.

Lighting is very important. The bedroom should have 3 sources of light:
●  a functional lighting on the desk
● a mood lighting, (for ambiance), with a floor lamp
● general lighting, such as a pendant from the ceiling
● LED lights are also very popular among teenagers

The all important storage can be boxes with wheels to store below the bed, or shelves on the walls.

Soundproofing, if possible, is a great option, although carpets and curtains can contribute to the job.

Finally, let’s not forget the fun part. Let the teens express themselves by devoting a wall to a special blackboard paint, where they can write, draw, doodle whatever they want or to magnetic paint where they can stick magnets on it!

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