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Meet Sasso

Let me tell you my story…

As a child, I had almost covered the world, residing in different countries, opening my eyes and my soul to different cultures and languages and sharpened my sense of creativity.
As a young adult, the adventure continued till moving to France, a place I finally called “Home”!

All these travels revealed something to me, the importance to feel confortable and secure in a place where you can tell people who you are, your story, how you feel and where you can welcome the one you cherish. That’s how my passion for interior decoration begun.

I’ve always believed that to be able to provide the best interior design consultation, you need to have a great idea about designs from other countries too. That’s the reason why I’ve taking the challenge to gather a selection of children’s furniture and accessories that translates my taste and views of what a child bedroom should be. I feel I can help create a loving environment in the respect of its people.



Why choose us

We will offer you the ultimate personal ‘interior design’ package. From the initial consultation, right through to the final showcase, we are hands-on, ensuring that your hopes and your dreams are being recreated. From the early design, to the workmanship of the craftsmen, we will be your eyes and ears, making decorating completely stress-free.

The carefully selected furniture we stock is unique to NYC. With an exciting range of accessories and stylish, modern furniture, you can be sure that your ‘Dodo Les Bobos,’ room will be functional, enticing and utterly memorable.

Looking for something a little bit different- our European look with a French Flair brings just that. We won’t stock row upon row of mass produced furniture seen in every other home in the country. Our hand-picked products have been thoroughly researched for their style, quality, practicality and fun factor for your newborn right through to your teenagers.

As well as complete room decorations and transformations, we also offer some of the most unique gifts and products for baby showers’, newborns and birth lists.